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craft is income

It's a source of income or a complement salary to millions of people

Craft is self-esteem

It is to do what you appreciate. It's to be appreciated and valued for what you are capable of doing.

Craft is joy.

It promotes the meeting, the reunion, the sharing of knowledge and solidarity.

Club launches its first loyalty program

App Clube

With the new App of Craft Club, it's even easier for you to participate on the content and promotions. By earning and exchanging points, you participate in experiences, get exclusive gifts to handcrafters, Progresso products and you even have access to our launchings, in an early and privileged way.

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8,5 million
of Brazilians

make handcrafts their main business, according to IBGE data

BRL 50

moved annually by craft micro-entrepreneurs in Brazil

5º best

The handcraft market is one of the best businesses in Latin America

+ 15%
per year

Projections indicate strong growth for the sector in the United States

Fitas Progresso - Clube de Artesanato

The country's first community in the sector, the Craft Club was created by "Fitas Progresso" in 1994 to stimulate the practice of handicrafts with ribbons, providing support to artisans by means of step-by-step recipes, tips, and classes, qualifying them for self-realization or professionalization, in addition to valuing handicrafts in Brazil.

Today, it is the largest portal of content in Portuguese language about manual arts and crafts and a meeting point for artists, handicrafters, decorators, shopkeepers and all people who like and make handicrafts:

On one hand, artisans use the platform to promote their work, keeping the Craft club daily updated and endorsed by recognized names in the market who curate the content. On the other, readers have a safe, reliable, and easy-to-navigate portal to find everything about ribbon braiding, production of bows and accessories, embroidery, knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, patchwork, and countless other techniques, as well as general information about the sector.

The Craft club is also present in the main social networks. To become part of this community, simply fill out the form below and register for free:

Come to the Club you too!

A journey in favor of handicrafts in Brazil.
We do it for those who do it.


The Club was created by Fitas Progresso, providing the market with the first relationship initiative in the crafts segment in Brazil, from the periodic publication step-by-step recipes:


The Club quickly became the largest handicraft community in Brazil, with 25,000 members throughout the country:


The Club promoted great craft contests, taking craftswomen and entrepreneurs to fairr in the USA, publicizing, their work in the media, and held meetings and courses that always mobilized a large number of people:


O Clube alcançou a marca de 220.000 pessoas associadas, elevando o mesmo à condição de única e maior iniciativa de artesanato especializado no Brasil.


The Club, after reaching the milestones of 60 editions of its printed magazine, 3,500,000 copies distributed, and 700 steps by steps published, started its activities on the internet, with the creation of its first specialized content blog, with weekly publications.


The Club became a complete portal with exclusive content to continue offering, free of charge, techniques, tutorials and professionalization for the handicraft market with step by step and video lessons.


The Club innovated once again and reached social media, reaching a new audience and taking even more content to the handicraft market in Brazil. Profile of handicraft users in Brazil:


The Club got a new face and became the largest site for specialized content, with renowned curators, new and daily publications, and new interactive platform:


2015:The Club becomes the meeting point for crafts in Brazil, with classes, techniques, videos, product location, promotions,courses and accredited stores.


The Club launches its first app: everything you do in the Craft Club community generates points. And the highest-scoring win special prizes. Ease for the craftswoman! The club's exclusive content has moved to the palm of your hand through the app available for free download for IOS and Android:


Club conducts unprecedented research on the craft market
A pioneering survey by the Craft Club, obtained through 3.6 thousand responses from artisans about the sector.The result widely publicized through major media vehicles, such as Folha de São Paulo, Estadão, Globo, Valor Econômico, among others.


Progresso Easy Stitch Program:
Gamification program created to stimulate unique interactions in the community of artisans. Over two years, more than R$60,000.00 were distributed in prizes.


Club reaches +1,000,000 people in Craft Club
In May 2019, the Club's Facebook page reached the milestone of 800,000 page likes, reaching the milestone of 1 million followers across all bases and channels:


Club launches first craft loyalty program:
With the new Craft Club app, it is even easier for you to participate in content and promotions. By earning and exchanging points, you can participate in experiences, receive gifts for artisans, Progresso products and even have access to our releases, early and privileged.

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Join the Craft Club

Sign up for FREE, publish your work and be part of the largest community of handicrafts in Brazil!


The material you need to express your talent


Made of polyester, they have a smooth surface, a glossy finish and a soft-touch structure. They add a luxurious detail to your work.

In two finishing options:

  1. Single face: satin finished on one side only, and with a less dense structure. Ideal for use on fabrics or decorative items in which only one side of the ribbon will be visible.
  2. Double-face: satin-finished on both sides, which gives the product even more softness. Best option for creating bows, hair accessories, and other items that highlight the ribbon completely:

Produced in polyamide and polyester, they are designed with undulations all over, giving a firmer and more rigid aspect when compared to satin.

Commonly used in ties and accessories, packaging handles, details and finishing touches in the clothing industry and also in handicrafts, in various applications

Ideal for making the classic "Channel" lace, widely used in napkin holders and wedding invitations.

A wide variety of colors and widths, including a ready-to-dye polyamide model, expand your creative possibilities.

Produced in polyester, they present details with light transparencies, forming an open and harmonic design.

They add lightness and delicacy to applications, being commonly used in wedding decorations, ceremonials and packaging:

Presented in variations that blend the transparency of the organza with the shiny finish of satin, such as organza ribbon with satin selvedge or organza ribbon with satin.

The great variety of colors allows them to be used in several situations, especially to add sophistication and elegance to an environment or object.

They can be developed on satin or grossgrain bases.

They have diversified applications in hair ties and accessories, souvenirs for parties, baby showers, invitations and decorations for ceremonies, handmade packaging, accessories for the pet market, and in any object or environment that deserves a creative touch and personalization.

The constant monitoring of style trends ensures that the portfolio of decorative ribbons is constantly updated with the launch of seasonal collections that, integrated to the various types of printing offered (hot stamp, silk screen, offset and transfer), allow endless possibilities for creation and innovation.

Produced in metallized polyester, they expand and diversify Fitas Progresso's portfolio, with options for rigid and/or elastic wired cords.

Used for decorating handicrafts and finishing in general, they are in high demand during the end-of-year celebrations:

Patented tool for the manual confection of satin, grossgrain, or decorative ribbon ties, wired or not.

Ideal for crafts, decoration, gifts and handicrafts.

It facilitates and speeds up the work, guaranteeing quality to the final product and standardization of reproductions.

Transform products into gifts, souvenirs and presents, by applying personalized ribbons for events, celebrations, parties, corporate actions and much more!

Through a practical system and an exclusive image bank, create a unique ribbon or offer your customer the possibility of personalization with names and special messages.

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