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Give value to your work

The ribbon helps to demonstrate the care of a preparation, the value of a tribute.

At parties, events and ceremonies

In gift wrapping, floral arrangements, table and room decoration, gifts and souvernirs.

The widest range of solutions

Available at thousands of points of sale or through representatives throughout the country.

One detail changes everything!

Make the party with our line of ribbons


Made of polyester, they have a smooth surface, a glossy finish and a soft-touch structure. They add a luxurious detail to your work.

In two finishing options:

  1. Single face: satin finished on one side only, and with a less dense structure. Ideal for use on fabrics or decorative items in which only one side of the ribbon will be visible.
  2. Double-face: satin-finished on both sides, which gives the product even more softness. Best option for creating bows, hair accessories, and other items that highlight the ribbon completely:

Produced in polyamide and polyester, they are designed with undulations all over, giving a firmer and more rigid aspect when compared to satin.

Commonly used in ties and accessories, packaging handles, details and finishing touches in the clothing industry and also in handicrafts, in various applications

Ideal for making the classic "Channel" lace, widely used in napkin holders and wedding invitations.

A wide variety of colors and widths, including a ready-to-dye polyamide model, expand your creative possibilities.

Produced in polyester, they present details with light transparencies, forming an open and harmonic design.

They add lightness and delicacy to applications, being commonly used in wedding decorations, ceremonials and packaging:

Presented in variations that blend the transparency of the organza with the shiny finish of satin, such as organza ribbon with satin selvedge or organza ribbon with satin.

The great variety of colors allows them to be used in several situations, especially to add sophistication and elegance to an environment or object.

They can be developed on satin or grossgrain bases.

They have diversified applications in hair ties and accessories, souvenirs for parties, baby showers, invitations and decorations for ceremonies, handmade packaging, accessories for the pet market, and in any object or environment that deserves a creative touch and personalization.

The constant monitoring of style trends ensures that the portfolio of decorative ribbons is constantly updated with the launch of seasonal collections that, integrated to the various types of printing offered (hot stamp, silk screen, offset and transfer), allow endless possibilities for creation and innovation.

Produced in metallized polyester, they expand and diversify Fitas Progresso's portfolio, with options for rigid and/or elastic wired cords.

Used for decorating handicrafts and finishing in general, they are in high demand during the end-of-year celebrations:

Patented tool for the manual confection of satin, grossgrain, or decorative ribbon ties, wired or not.

Ideal for crafts, decoration, gifts and handicrafts.

It facilitates and speeds up the work, guaranteeing quality to the final product and standardization of reproductions.

Transform products into gifts, souvenirs and presents, by applying personalized ribbons for events, celebrations, parties, corporate actions and much more!

Through a practical system and an exclusive image bank, create a unique ribbon or offer your customer the possibility of personalization with names and special messages.

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